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Head down, chin up, and kick on.

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

The past year has contained innumerable changes, which have run the gamut from gravitational paradigm shifts through positive evolution. On the whole, this has been a spectacular adventure, and more than ever, I am ecstatic for the ongoing developments.

To encapsulate changes in a nutshell:

1. Because of life developments, including the realization of my passion within positive psychology and researching the utilization of flow states (please see Psychology Research), I continue to consolidate all my operations. I have minimized my instruction to a small set of individuals, and have placed my previous lesson horses at incredible barns throughout the area. Rather than variations of expansion, which had encapsulated the endeavors of the past decade, my time within the industry now focuses on offering my very best to a select number of students who are passionate about learning and engaging in the comprehensive process. In essence, I've streamlined.

2. With that said, I currently have the most incredible collection of horses in my program, ranging from young homebreds through talented OTTBs. I will explain more about each as this y

ear continues, but I am proud to have a barn full of American-bred horses. Granted, everything is transitory, but even a year ago, I would not have believed that the current state of programs could be this divine. I am endlessly grateful for my clients and owners all over the country, my family and friends, the breeders of the phenomenal souls in my barn (and the magical souls themselves!), and I continue to strive to pay it forward each day. That may sound overly cliche, but my goodness, it is indescribably true.

More updates forthcoming. For now, head down, chin up, and kick on. :)


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