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Positive Coaching

Mindset and mental preparation are as vital as tangible skills in athletic performance. In pursuing her Master of Education in positive coaching/performance psychology through Mizzou, Andrea's interests have evolved in the realm of streamlined approaches of enhancing performance. In a nutshell, one must appreciate a present state of security in order to process the ongoing learning progression for understanding, enhancing one's skills, and flourishing.   

In Andrea's words:

"Life adventures have allowed the discovery of my niche in the development of performance excellence and healing promotion through compassionate logic and authentic horsemanship. I strive to help souls grow from experiences by utilizing systematic responses in the promotion of resilience.  The application of intentional parameters of expectations, communication, clarity, and discipline in addressing an athlete's foundational "why" allows self-limiting beliefs to be resolved and excellence to be achieved.  We often cannot choose how life will occur, but we can choose how to most effectively respond."

Why do I coach?

    With instruction and coaching on and off the horses, I aim to beneficially affect others in their journey, to encourage reflection and understanding, and encourage growth from past traumas and limiting self-beliefs.

   ~To allow experiences of horsemanship as a science, an art, and a lifestyle, going beyond the mindset of just a sport that can be taught through an instructional teaching manual or playbook.

   ~To allow a platform for enhancement of virtues of resilience, integrity, and morality, with the promotion of curiosity and an addiction to learning.

   ~To promote excellence and allow riders to thrive with most polished technique for systematically reaching goals with skill mastery and  intrinsic and internal motivations.


   ~To instill underlying approaches working towards resilient growth and hardiness, thus minimizing negative, compromising beliefs and thought patterns, and allowing individuals to systematically reach their training, performance, and competition goals.



Andrea is always willing to discuss positive coaching, consulting sessions, flow research, and her work with individuals who have been directly and indirectly affected by trauma. Inquiries are welcome to contact information listed below.

Why do I train?

     Through the application of positive restructuring, intuitive feel, and the structured flexibility of a methodological program, I strive to develop a trusting rapport with horses who have been "lied to" by riders, and those who have not been given a proper chance. At the most fundamental level of training, yet permeating all layers of dynamic progression, horses must be mentally receptive to learning before physical pressures can be introduced. This means determining a baseline comprehension and effective assessment of each horse's understanding and resulting behaviors (i.e., the equine "why"), working through negative reactions and incorrect responses, and progressively introducing new behaviors and appropriate answers.

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