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Programs & Operations

Clinics & Coursewalks

Andrea offers clinics that are theme-oriented (e.g., "intro to eventing"), as well as sessions of individual lessons at off-site locations, which are geared towards improving the communication, balance, and fluidity of performance. In a nutshell, the horse/rider pair is assessed, the strengths, "lesser strengths," and weaknesses are determined, and a game plan is developed for riders (and their regular instructors) to practice at home for improved performance.


As a USEA-certified course designer since 2010, and having apprenticed with top USEF/FEI/BE designers in the USA and Great Britain, Andrea has a unique, confidence-building cross-country design approach with a precise evaluation of courses.


Rates:  Please contact Andrea for further information.

Instructing & Training

"Until one can positively affect a horse's mind, she will be unable to appropriately affect the body."


While this concept has been discussed in equestrianism for millennia, familiarity with such principles occasionally appears to be gradually diminishing in modern circles. Andrea's unique empathy and perceptiveness of a horse's way of going, and how such physical behavior correlates with cognitive solidarity, allows her to establish trust and bring out the best in horses on whom most have given up.  A comprehensive mental foundation leads to the ability to establish the physical framework; until the former, the latter cannot be attained, and therein lie the holes that negate proper performance.


In a sentence, by allowing a horse to be a horse, free from "being lied to" and in the absence of physical pain, the horse can be willing and able to do pretty much any job. By starting at a base level, one is able to determine and remedy the weaknesses, progressing into a sophisticated fluid development along the proper training scale. But first, no anguish, no pain.


Each training session is progressive and cumulative in nature, building on the inclusion of exercises for polishing, understanding, and (literally) moving forward. "Goal attainment plans" and detailed homework guidance are supplied as part of the ongoing training programs, with individual coaching sessions also available off the horse.


Rates:  Individual lesson:  $65

Individual training ride:  $65. Often orchestrated as split between Andrea warming up the horse to in order allow the rider to feel proper elements

Individual coaching session:  $65

Training board:  $1200/mo

Sales & Buying

With connections along the disciplines, breeds, and levels, from breeders through international

competitors in the USA, Great Britain, and continental Europe, Andrea's polished assimilation of all contributing variables (e.g., budget, current level, intrinsic ability, perseverance/goals) allow frequent, positive matches of horses and riders to be made.


Rates:  Varying plans available for sales horses, buying trips, and referral commissions.

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